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White Wash, the documentary, is a film exploring the complexity of race in America through the eyes of the ocean. Examining the history of “black consciousness” as it triumphs and evolves into the minds of black surfers, we learn the power of transcending race as a constructive phenomenon. The story is narrated by the
legendary, Grammy Award winner Ben Harper (Fistful of Mercy, Relentless 7, Ben Harper and the Innocent
Criminals) along with Tariq “Blackthought” Trotter of the Grammy Award winning hip hop group,
The Roots whom also originally scored the film.

What Critics Are Saying About White Wash:

"It has the Power to shock..."   ~ The New York Times

"A proficient portrait of how increased social, economic, and geographic opportunity
fosters diversity—in life and out on the waves."    ~ The Village Voice

"Tense... segregation defying... will doubtless wash up on tube shores."   ~Variety

"You've got to see this film..."   ~thegrio.com

"A fascinating look at a little-explored topic that it simply demands to be
seen... and then discussed!"   ~James Van Maanen, TrustMovies

"Smoothly edited, smart without being imposingly so... feels simultaneously dense
with information and analysis and as pleasantly breezy as a day at the beach"   ~Slant Magazine

"Positions surfing as a sport and lifestyle that reflect racial complexity."   ~USA Today

 "This documentary will entertain you while making you aware of the tremendous contributions black athletes have made to advancing the stakes and thrills of surfing."    ~Jennifer Merin, About.com Guide

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