Difference Between Polaris 360 and Polaris 380

A swimming pool is an enclosed formation to hold water for swimming or other water-based activities. They are found in various health clubs, fitness centers and even in private houses. Although swimming pools are a great way of energizing, if they are not well-maintained, they can also be the cause of several health issues such as recreational water illnesses (RWIs). Other issues due to dirty swimming pool include irritation in eyes, swelling, itching, rash and even such pools can cause food poisoning. Moreover, some studies have shown that serious problems like Hepatitis A and Legionnaire’s disease. Various specific chemicals are used to kill all the bacteria and viruses in a swimming pool but apart from those creatures, other factors also play an important role in making a pool dirty, for instance, dirt, higher levels of chemicals, and other wastes. For maintaining the cleanliness of the pool, robotic pool cleaners are used which are far more efficient than conventional filters and self-cleaning methods. The robotic pool cleaners are capable of deeply cleaning the pool by removing wastes such as leaves, twigs, bacteria and also help in stopping the growth of algae. Furthermore, they clean the water line, excessive chemicals, side-walls and bottom surface of the swimming pool. Various pool cleaners are available in the market from different manufacturers but robotic pool cleaners by Polaris are highly efficient and durable. Polaris offers a wide variety of products depending on the function and size of the swimming pool. The present article focuses on the comparison of two products from Polaris which are Polaris 360 and Polaris 380.

•Polaris 360

The 360 model by Polaris is easy to use and cheaper as compared to the 380 model. It directly attaches to the main water line and is preferred for most in-ground pools. It not only sucks the leaves and debris but also scrubs, sweeps, and vacuums the entire pool surface. The biggest advantage of the Polaris 360 is that it operates without a separate booster pump. Another advantage is that it has an additional large filter bag to hold the larger waste while reducing pressure on its internal filter. It has two variants, black and white and is provided with 31 feet of feed hose which is usually sufficient for cleaning.

•Polaris 380

The 380 model by Polaris is the most powerful and durable pool cleaner on the market. Though it is costlier than the 360 model, in terms of performance, it can be said as the best robotic pool cleaner available in the market. It houses a triple jet system and comes along with a separate booster pump. Apart from that, like the 360 model it can vacuum, sweep and scrub the swimming pool’s surface, side walls and it can also clean the steps of the pool. It also comes with 31 feet of feed hose similar to the 360 model.

When comparing the two models, the Polaris 360 is cheaper than the Polaris 380 because it does not require a separate booster pump. However, Polaris 380 is more powerful than the Polaris 380 due to the presence of a separate booster pump. In conclusion, it can be said that the Polaris 380 is the best suction pool cleaner available as compared to the Polaris 360 due to its greater performance, higher speed, and durability.

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