Everyone obviously likes a swimming pool that is clean in water and beautiful as an ideal pool could attract them to swim and dive long hours. Even if they do not swim, they still enjoy the pool by holding an outside party.

Therefore, if you want to have the clean and healthy environment in the pool, you will need to vacuum it routinely. However, you might wonder how to vacuum a pool on a regular basis to stay the hygiene for your pool without much hassle.

Some cleaning tools to vacuum a swimming pool

Before starting the cleaning process, you need to realize the types of tools to wash your pool. Here are a few cleaners that you could take into account and get it for your cleaning process as follow.

  • A pool skimmer;
  • A pumice stone or tile brush;
  • A pool wall brush;
  • A vacuum head and hose;
  • An automatic pool cleaner;
  • A telescopic pole

The key point is you need to know how to use these devices by asking your friends or acquaintances who are experienced pool owners or hiring an agent service to deal with this issue instead.

You should choose this option for the first time to understand more about the equipment and handle them by yourself in the upcoming time.

The basic guide for using a manual vacuum pool

A telescopic pole and a vacuum head are the basic devices you should gear up to wash your pool.

Step 1: Choose the suitable vacuum

Vacuum cleaners are popular products in the household items in the market today, so you could make a mistake to recognize the vacuum cleaner for a swimming pool.

Find out the information about the stores where they could display this type and take the swimming pool vacuum.

By doing this, you enable to make sure the vacuum cleaner works well on the pool because the vacuum cleaner could be damaged, and your pool could not be washed at all.

Step 2: Attach the attachments

Put the telescopic pole to the hose and the vacuum head firstly. Both of them need to connect and tight together as well as to avoid the potential accidents.

Step 3: Get the vacuum head to the pool

Once you ensure the telescopic pole and the hose have been attached to the vacuum head, you put the vacuum head to the pool slowly.

Step 4: Continue to do the previous step (step 3)

You should continue to get the hose to the pool till you do not see the air from the hose. Because the hose will connect to the bottom of the pool and the pump with the inside air to burn the pump.

Step 5: Control the hose carefully

When the air has been eliminated from the hose, you should get the hose through the door of the skimmer and insert it into the vacuum port slowly and clearly. Do not rush to take the hose because you will destroy the equipment

Step 6: Begin the suction of the vacuum cleaner

Open the vacuum head and start the suction procedure of the vacuum cleaner to help you clean the pool.

Step 7: Pay attention to the vacuum vent and the pump

The vacuum vent need to be the only line opens the pump as other components will be slurped by the pump.

Step 8: Keep vacuum your pool

Did you still remember how to vacuum the carpet? The vacuum way of the swimming pool has the same method.

You need to begin from the shallow end and move into the deep end slowly. Do forget to use the sweeping strokes during the cleaning time.

Step 9: Rinse the vacuum tools

When your pool has been cleaned, you could put the tools in the fixed place and do nothing with them behind the scene.

However, you should rinse and clean these tools as the dust, dirty substances, algae, and other elements still stay in the equipment strongly.

Recognize an automatic pool vacuum

You will discover automatic pool vacuums have different shapes and platforms in the market today, but they have three main categories – the pressure-side pool vacuum, the robotic pool vacuum, and the suction-side pool vacuum.

The pressure – side pool vacuum and the suction – side one have dissimilar models but they still have the same structures and the robotic pool cleaners are more expensive than other pool vacuums.

Nonetheless, you do not have to spend much time to set up, to install and control it as it could do its jobs smoothly.

Do not miss out to learn more about the robotic pool cleaner reviews and the details of the best inground pool cleaner for leaves before making a purchase.


Dust, dirt, leaves, rubbishes, and other debris could significantly reduce your pool’s appearance and the hygiene level. Nonetheless, you still keep your pool clean and maintain the great appearance if you vacuum the pool regularly.

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